About Us

Sterile  Systems Hygienic Services (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2008 and is proudly one of the largest and most specialised cleaning companies in Zimbabwe. The company has a range of specialised divisions that focus on cleaning services in various sectors in Zimbabwe. Sterile Systems Hygienic Services (Pvt)Ltd ‘s service offering has now been expanded beyond cleaning services to include portable toilet hire and liquid and solid waste removal, property maintenance development, landscaping and overall human resource development consulting services. The company’s uncompromising commitment to excellence in service delivery is the foundation of its business strategy, which has seen it become the market leader in its industry, with a reputation for innovation, high quality service solutions, lasting business partnerships and the ability to both attract and retain high quality staff.

Executive Summary

Providers of world class industrial and commercial household cleaning services, sanitary waste disposal and supply of contract workers.


Sterile System Hygiene Services is a company that is 100% owned and managed by Zimbabwean women. The company was started in December 2010 and it has seen an increase in clientele from a single client up to 14 clients serviced by the company up to this day. Including big organizations like banks and network providers, insurance companies among many others.

We focus on acquiring candidates who are not only going to fit the requirements of the job specification, but individuals who have the ability to add value to our clients’ bottom line. We have created a proven track record of superiority in the provision of cleaning and labor services.


Why should you hire us?

We have excellent clean as you go standards; we maintain your busy offices looking sparkling clean throughout the day. If we are also providing you with cleaning services, we do not charge you extra costs for deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, washing of walls and scrubbing of floors. We have a range of detergents which we have especially formulated both to kill germ sand also to keep wooden surfaces shine and sparkle and look like new. You should also hire us as we also have a very special range of detergents that removes rust, stains and leaves toilets looking extremely clean and spotless. Our cleaners are well trained in public health related issues and there’s no stain they don’t have a solution for. We also have some cleaners who have as much as 10 years experience.


Nature of Service

Products/services offered: Cleaning services, portable toilet hire, solid and liquid waste removal, management development and training, property renovations and landscaping, hospitality event staffing.


Training and  & CSI

Sterile System training programme include a training guide,
and focus on health and safety in the janitorial industry. The program helps
owners and managers to be prepared to conduct a series of short (5-10 minutes)
training sessions for their employees. The following topics are covered:

1.       Safety Orientation

2.       Chemical Hazards Electrical Hazards

3.       Ergonomic Hazards

4.       Injuries on the Job

5.       Planning for Emergencies

6.       Robberies and Assaults

7.       Slips and Falls

By using these materials, employees will be able to:

a)       Identify safety hazards in the workplace

b)      Learn about and find solutions to hazards in the workplace

c)       Contribute to a safe working environment