Sterile System Hygienic Services

Our Directors

Brief profiles of Directors            

Operations Director

Venah Kufakunesu 29 year old female

Venah Kufakunesu 29 year old female.   BSc Honors Degree Economics 2008(UZ), (MBA) Masters in Business Administration University of Gloucestershire (UK) 2013. Has worked for PRIMLAS as a Business analyst for three years creating Business strategies and managing the overall Marketing department before moving on to become a full time director of their Development.

Caroline Munemo 26 year old female

Caroline Munemo 26 year old female She is currently a degree graduate. She holds a Bsc Honors Degree in Management, Entrepreneurial and Development studies from the Women’s University in Africa. She is responsible for marketing, sales and ongoing client service. She is highly experienced and her knowledge and track record in delegation and management supervision has grown Sterile System Hygienic Services at all levels.

Management and Staff

The company has got two directors.  


  1. Venah Kufakunesu –Managing/ Operations Director


Has more than five (5) providing cleaning services and in public health related issues.


  • Spear heading the organization and strategically positioning and defining the futuredirection of the business to realise its potential.
  • Developing business strategies and implementing these effectively and efficiently togetherwith members of staff.
  • Creating and maintaining proper financially operational, distribution and human resources
  • functional strategies in line with the grand strategy.
  • Responsible for managing production.
  • Responsible for quality control of all finished products to customer's satisfaction
2. Caroline Munemo- Marketing Director


  • Development and implementation of the bond
  • Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing services
  • Overseeing implementation of the marketing strategy
  • Guiding day to day activities of marketing team
  • Developing and delivering marketing and communications strategies for the organization
  • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive