This service is rendered to check the menace of mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and all type of crawling and flying insects which effect adversely to human health. We will fumigate entire kitchen area dining hall all office are including all drains line and open area and any other requirement by you with spray pump with micro jet fogging and thermal fogging for mosquitoes control.


Top Bait Korea, and Combat, Much Cockroach bait, Bug Stop,Chlorpyrifos, Agricura Roach Kill and Vision Fly Terminator among others.

Rodent Control:
This service is carried out entire office premises to fight against the menace rats and rats originated problems. In order to wipe them out we adopt the chemical, mechanical and process and achieve remarkable result.

Chemicals: We use Glue board, Mouse Traps, Cages & Baiting station, Kingdom Rat Kill

Physical Address: 61 Lomagundi Road, Avondale, Harare

Telephone:  +2634 339380/ +263 8644054325

Sterile Systems Hygienic Services

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